Mediacorp Radio - Candle -
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Mediacorp Radio – Candle

“Time is a candle’s flame and what burns are the minutes we live.”
Narrative Storytelling
About This Project

Singapore deejays Divian Nair and Dee Kosh (real name Darryl Koshy) have produced an 18-minute film for only $150.

The film, “Candle”, was shot in two and a half weeks using a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera, and a cast and crew of 10 people. The $150 budget went to paying for props like bedsheets and flowers.

The film also used lighting and microphones from 98FM, where the two deejays work. They also got the help of friends to help with additional photography, editing and sound design. One of the locations used in the film, Chillax Café, is owned by a friend.

Described as “Singapore radio’s first short film”, the video was first posted on YouTube two days ago. It has since garnered over 67,000 views and gone viral on social media.
Producers: Divian Nair, Dee Kosh
Director: Divian Nair
Director of Photography: Hafiz Rahman