SIIA – Tech & the Future of Jobs

Storyteller Productions was commissioned by the Singapore Institute of International Affairs as their events video production company and animation house of choice to execute their videos in line with their Global Symposium campaign.

The event video production took place at Google Singapore HQ and required two videographers for this event to be able to quickly capture the necessary shots.

For the video animation, we used the content taken from the event itself to create the script and voice over.

Both videos were to be used primarily on SIIA’s Facebook as their main drive at Social Media Marketing for their future events.

Video Producer: Leon Kleinman
Director of Photography: Hafiz Rahman
Video Set Manager: Dinesh Nair
Video Voice Over: Divian Nair

Rise Against Racism – Rise Against Racism (Kite & Pack Collection Days)
Storyteller Productions ran a full marketing campaign to tackle racism and bridge social divides for; a campaign that eventually culminated in the 2017 Orange Ribbon Walk: Race Against Racism.
We were involved in a wide range of activities from video production to social media management and event planning.
Through a short video titled That’s Racist, we also challenged people’s preconceptions about racist jokes and brought to light how these seemingly harmless jokes could affect anyone regardless of race or colour.

NTU Lee Kong Chian

The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine commissioned us to create a corporate video to help encapsulate all the work that their new School of Medicine does to promote themselves to the faculty as well as being informative to prospective students.

We took several days to carefully craft their story and also had to personally direct their Dean to give a heartfelt voice over for the video.

On top of their corporate video, we were also engaged to cover some of their events as well as come up with the animated launch video at one of these events.

Video Producer: Leon Kleinman
Film Director : Divian Nair
Director of Photography: Hafiz Rahman
Video Set Manager: Dinesh Nair

Sayang Sembawang

Enjoying our Kampung Sembawang

We were tasked by Sembawang Town Council (STC) to create an emotive piece showcasing the northern district. Given the special place that Sembawang is, with its vastly diverse peoples, places and traditions, all it took was hard work and persistence to reveal the beauty and idiosyncrasies of Sembawang.

Most shots in this video production featured actual residents of Sembawang going about their daily lives, as the intention was to keep the video as real as possible to capture the true essence of Sembawang.

Due to the many high buildings in the area, we relied on drone footage to bring out the best of Sembawang’s landscape. The drone shoots were also done early in the morning so as to capture the mist near the shores, which lent the video a touch of dreaminess

Film Director : Divian Nair
Director of Photography: Hafiz RahmanVideo Producer: Leon Kleinman
Video Set Manager: Dinesh Nair

Our Future is Now

Let the young ones dream and achieve.

We were commissioned to come up with an emotive video showcasing the limitless possibilities of a Singaporean’s future. Created in commemoration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, the video was widely used and circulated amongst various government agencies. Using a cinematographic style reminiscent of old Singapore film, Storyteller acted as both agency and production
house and was responsible for the whole project, from
conceptualization to post-production.