Remembering Christchurch

Remembering Christchurch was a moving and impactful vigil, organised to commemorate the victims of the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand. The vigil was supported by a number of notable organisations, including the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, the Singapore Kindness Movement, Roses of Peace and Attended by the New Zealand High Commissioner to Singapore, Jo Tyndall, and various religious leaders, the event was our way of showing solidarity for the victims and those affected by the shooting. It was a powerful moment of reflection and unity, reminding us of the importance of coming together in times of crisis and upholding the values of inclusivity and respect for all.

Rise Against Racism

We were proud to be part of Orange Ribbon’s Rise Against Racism campaign, a vital effort aimed at tackling delicate issues affecting racial relations in Singapore. In partnership with One People SG, we organised a kite-flying event called “Racism Go Fly Kite”, attended by Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information Janil Puthucheary. We also created a series of thought-provoking videos that challenged the social norms of making racist jokes. These initiatives received significant media attention and helped drive traffic to the successful culmination of the Orange Ribbon Walk, which was attended by 2500 people.

DBS Live More in a Minute

DBS Live More in a Minute was a campaign commissioned by DBS to promote the idea that life should be lived to the fullest, free from the worries of mundane tasks like excessive banking. We produced a series of eight videos to showcase inspiring individuals who have either overcome adversity or found ways to make the most of their lives. Hosted on The Straits Times social media platform, the videos garnered over 800,000 views and successfully reinforced DBS’ messaging.

SIIA – Tech & the Future of Jobs

Storyteller Productions was commissioned by the Singapore Institute of International Affairs as their events video production company and animation house of choice to execute their videos in line with their Global Symposium campaign.

The event video production took place at Google Singapore HQ and required two videographers for this event to be able to quickly capture the necessary shots.

For the video animation, we used the content taken from the event itself to create the script and voice over.

Both videos were to be used primarily on SIIA’s Facebook as their main drive at Social Media Marketing for their future events.

Video Producer: Leon Kleinman
Director of Photography: Hafiz Rahman
Video Set Manager: Dinesh Nair
Video Voice Over: Divian Nair


An original video produced to remind ourselves that one day we will be parents too and we should be as amazing to our children as our parents are to us.

Date of Release: 21 June 2014
Duration: 3 minutes 19 seconds


“Time is a candle’s flame and what burns are the minutes we live.”

Singapore deejays Divian Nair and Dee Kosh (real name Darryl Koshy) have produced an 18-minute film for only $150.

The film, “Candle”, was shot in two and a half weeks using a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera, and a cast and crew of 10 people. The $150 budget went to paying for props like bedsheets and flowers.

The film also used lighting and microphones from 98FM, where the two deejays work. They also got the help of friends to help with additional photography, editing and sound design. One of the locations used in the film, Chillax Café, is owned by a friend.

Described as “Singapore radio’s first short film”, the video was first posted on YouTube two days ago. It has since garnered over 67,000 views and gone viral on social media.

Producers: Divian Nair, Dee Kosh

NTU Lee Kong Chian

The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine commissioned us to create a corporate video to help encapsulate all the work that their new School of Medicine does to promote themselves to the faculty as well as being informative to prospective students.

We took several days to carefully craft their story and also had to personally direct their Dean to give a heartfelt voice over for the video.

On top of their corporate video, we were also engaged to cover some of their events as well as come up with the animated launch video at one of these events.

Video Producer: Leon Kleinman
Film Director : Divian Nair
Director of Photography: Hafiz Rahman
Video Set Manager: Dinesh Nair