Project Lapis Sagu

The Project Lapis Sagu campaign by the Ministry of Communications  and Information aimed to broaden the understanding of challenges  faced by social integration in Singapore.

Our proposed solutions – which included an original comic book and a  series of videos – were designed to showcase the challenges faced by  foreigners, and create awareness among the public about the  importance of accepting and embracing cultural diversity.

Project Lionheart

Project Lionheart, launched in 2022, featured stories of inspiring Singaporeans who lived through the COVID-19 pandemic. The stories were told through 15 exhibitions islandwide, complete with art installations, murals, short films, original songs, and a micro-musical. 

As the largest roving exhibition for Singapore in 2022, the project successfully reached millions of people throughout Singapore.

Rise Against Racism

We were proud to be part of Orange Ribbon’s ‘Rise Against Racism’ campaign, a vital effort aimed at tackling delicate issues affecting racial relations in Singapore. 

In partnership with One People SG, we organised a kite-flying event called “Racism Go Fly Kite”, attended by Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information Dr Janil Puthucheary. We also created a series of thought-provoking videos that challenged the social norms of making racist jokes. These initiatives received significant media attention and helped drive traffic to the successful culmination of the Orange Ribbon Walk, which was attended by 2,500 people.