DBS Live More in a Minute

DBS Live More in a Minute was a campaign commissioned by DBS to promote the idea that life should be lived to  the fullest, free from the worries of mundane tasks like excessive banking. We produced a series of eight videos to  showcase inspiring individuals who have either overcome adversity or found ways to make the most of their lives.  Hosted on The Straits Times social media platform, the videos garnered over 800,000 views and successfully  reinforced DBS’ messaging.

Home But Not Alone

Home But Not Alone was an initiative  launched at the height of the COVID-19  pandemic. Through our initiative, we rallied Singaporeans to display their national flags  outside their homes from May until National  Day.

In response to our efforts, the President and  the Cabinet greenlit the motion to bring  forward the period in which our flags may be  displayed.

The initiative earned us the COVID Resilience  Medal in 2022.


Carousell TrashtoTreasure

Carousell’s #TrashtoTreasure campaign aimed to transform perceptions of disused junk  and prioritise sustainability through repair. The campaign featured a five-part video  series that explored different aspects of repair, from upcycling to furniture restoration.

Hosted on Carousell’s social platforms, the series reached 5 million viewers, generating  over 290,000 views. This successful campaign earned the Drum Awards for Digital  Advertising APAC 2022.