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About Us


Changing The World One Story At A Time

History has proven the art of storytelling to be the most powerful communication tool throughout the ages. Traditions, parables and historical events millennia ago have been passed down through various forms of storytelling, yet they have not been lost in the ravines of time.

Powerful stories and visuals evoke great emotion and engagement. Our agency knows this through experience through our many clients from top brands and organisations. Storyteller is also responsible for one of the most viral videos in Singapore, which sparked a nationwide discussion on national identity.

While anyone can tell a story, we don’t just tell any story. We tell yours, in a riveting, engaging way, to drive in your narrative into your audience.


Let Us Tell Your Story

Corporate Video Production

From short films to corporate videos, we provide bespoke video production and animation services. We fuss over every detail such as composition, colour, script and music to ensure your video stands out from the rest.

Marketing Solutions & Ideation

When it comes to marketing and campaigns, we pride ourselves in our unique ideas and concepts. We tear apart the advertising playbook to craft you a narrative that will relay your message in a compelling and engaging way.

Social & Community Awareness

We strive to build an attitude of positivity and resilience that help define us as Singaporeans in an ever-changing world. Through our networks, on-ground initiatives and creative capabilities, we endeavor to effect positive change in the Singaporean society.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work